February 27, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Today I want to talk to you about an even that recently happened at Ball State and that is BSUDM!! Which in case you do not know stands for Ball State Dance Marathon!!

Now some of you may be wondering what a dance marathon is. It is something that many colleges and high schools partake in to raise money for Riley Children’s’ Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana ( Riley is extremely well known for being at the top of youth care in the country. They take care of those that are unimaginably sick whether it be from birth defects or from abrupt incidences like childhood cancer. Riley has seen it all and are stocked with the best of the best to help care for kids.

But back to what a dance marathon is…you do not dance the whole time, but you CANNOT SIT DOWN. That’s right folks, you remain on your feet for however long your marathon is and you raise money by being there through sponsorships or previous donations. There is music played, WII games, min golf, and all sorts of fun events you can do standing, but my absolute favorite part of the event was having the Riley families speak to all of the dancers and tell us their stories. These stories are so impactful and are honestly so moving in my opinion.

Riley helps a variety of people and by being involved with BSUDM I feel like I got a chance to help some of these people. We held our marathon for 12 hours and raised over $87,000!!!

I encourage all of you to get involved with your dance marathons at home if you have them at your high schools or when you come to BSU to get involved with ours! It is such a rewarding and worthwhile experience!!

That’s all for now!

Please comment with any questions you have about BSUDM! FTK (for the kids!)