Super Fun Super Close

February 9, 2012

Hey everyone!

So clearly recently there was an incredible event held in Indianapolis… SUPER BOWL XLVI!!! I hope that you all got the chance to attend that and soak in the great atmosphere! But that is not all I want to tell you about today! The Super Bowl is just an example of the great things that Indiana has to offer and the greatest thing is that Muncie is less than 2 hours from Indianapolis where many of these great things are held!

Personally I love the convenience of having only a 45 minute drive home to a suburb of Indianapolis! This allows me to go home or downtown virtually any time I want! When you attend school so close to Indy it is very easy to make weekend trips to shop at the Circle Center mall, roam around Indianapolis seeing the sights and monuments, soak in the amazing art at the IMA, go to the Children’s Museum, check out the Indiana State Museum or even see a Broadway show downtown!

There are so many opportunities that are so nearby! Muncie does have some stellar elements but it is also very nice to get off campus and experience all Indiana has to offer!! Come and check it all out!


That’s all for now!!