Got Sports?

December 5, 2011

Hey friends!

Were any of you athletes in high school but did not want or were not able to continue your sport in college? Well lucky for you, Ball State offers intermural leagues!

The rec center ( gives you the chance to join some great teams! During high school I played volleyball but couldn’t play in college so some neighbors and I got together and made a co-ed team! We have had 3 games and are about to enter tournament time! It’s a very low commitment league because there are no practices and games only once a week.

This is a great way to stay active with the sports that you loved in high school! They also offer soccer, basketball, lacrosse and more. And you always have the opportunity to just play some volleyball for fun (without a team), shoot hoops, or practice field sports throughout the rec center!

Just because your high school sports end doesn’t mean you have to be done! I was so relieved to come here and get the chance to play again! I look forward to playing every week and its just another great opportunity BSU offers!