April 8, 2012

Hey guys!

So this coming week is about to be one of my most hectic for sure! I have 2 tests, a quiz and a paper and a huge event I am helping put on for my dorm! It is a “midnight” breakfast where we make pancakes, eggs and bacon for my dorm-mates late at night! (It’s free for everyone too, which is always a plus!) And on top of that this week is Honors Weeks-basically a week of fun events with a formal at the end of the week for those of us in the honors college!

It is going to be a great week but possibly a little stressful! I will let you all know how it goes next week!

Until then! Have a lovely week!



February 27, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Today I want to talk to you about an even that recently happened at Ball State and that is BSUDM!! Which in case you do not know stands for Ball State Dance Marathon!!

Now some of you may be wondering what a dance marathon is. It is something that many colleges and high schools partake in to raise money for Riley Children’s’ Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana (http://iuhealth.org/riley/). Riley is extremely well known for being at the top of youth care in the country. They take care of those that are unimaginably sick whether it be from birth defects or from abrupt incidences like childhood cancer. Riley has seen it all and are stocked with the best of the best to help care for kids.

But back to what a dance marathon is…you do not dance the whole time, but you CANNOT SIT DOWN. That’s right folks, you remain on your feet for however long your marathon is and you raise money by being there through sponsorships or previous donations. There is music played, WII games, min golf, and all sorts of fun events you can do standing, but my absolute favorite part of the event was having the Riley families speak to all of the dancers and tell us their stories. These stories are so impactful and are honestly so moving in my opinion.

Riley helps a variety of people and by being involved with BSUDM I feel like I got a chance to help some of these people. We held our marathon for 12 hours and raised over $87,000!!!

I encourage all of you to get involved with your dance marathons at home if you have them at your high schools or when you come to BSU to get involved with ours! It is such a rewarding and worthwhile experience!!

That’s all for now!

Please comment with any questions you have about BSUDM! FTK (for the kids!)


Super Fun Super Close

February 9, 2012

Hey everyone!

So clearly recently there was an incredible event held in Indianapolis… SUPER BOWL XLVI!!! I hope that you all got the chance to attend that and soak in the great atmosphere! But that is not all I want to tell you about today! The Super Bowl is just an example of the great things that Indiana has to offer and the greatest thing is that Muncie is less than 2 hours from Indianapolis where many of these great things are held!

Personally I love the convenience of having only a 45 minute drive home to a suburb of Indianapolis! This allows me to go home or downtown virtually any time I want! When you attend school so close to Indy it is very easy to make weekend trips to shop at the Circle Center mall, roam around Indianapolis seeing the sights and monuments, soak in the amazing art at the IMA, go to the Children’s Museum, check out the Indiana State Museum or even see a Broadway show downtown!

There are so many opportunities that are so nearby! Muncie does have some stellar elements but it is also very nice to get off campus and experience all Indiana has to offer!! Come and check it all out!


That’s all for now!!


New Semester, New Lifestyle

January 12, 2012

Hey guys!

So I have completed the very first semester of my college career and I am starting the next! This is a whole new year and new classes and basically all the newness brings about the potential for a new lifestyle!

This may sound like quite a bit of a chiche with the whole lifestyle change and new years resolutions that come about this time of the year but it is a great time to get healthy!

A great thing to utilize at Ball State when you get back for your new semester is the free week that the Ball State Recreation center offers (http://www.bsu.edu/recreation/fitness.html). This is where you can go to the rec center and take fitness classes, from spinning to yoga and zumba to piloxing, all for free!

Another great aspect of Ball State that will help you get on your health kick is the nutrition information the BSU website provides about all of the food options they offer! Not only can you burn off calories during the free week activities but also you can keep track of them with the nutrition information (http://cms.bsu.edu/CampusLife/Dining/NutritionInformation.aspx).

Hopefully all of these elements will help you get your new semester on track!

Good luck!

Hannah :)

Got Sports?

December 5, 2011

Hey friends!

Were any of you athletes in high school but did not want or were not able to continue your sport in college? Well lucky for you, Ball State offers intermural leagues!

The rec center (http://www.bsu.edu/recreation/) gives you the chance to join some great teams! During high school I played volleyball but couldn’t play in college so some neighbors and I got together and made a co-ed team! We have had 3 games and are about to enter tournament time! It’s a very low commitment league because there are no practices and games only once a week.

This is a great way to stay active with the sports that you loved in high school! They also offer soccer, basketball, lacrosse and more. And you always have the opportunity to just play some volleyball for fun (without a team), shoot hoops, or practice field sports throughout the rec center!

Just because your high school sports end doesn’t mean you have to be done! I was so relieved to come here and get the chance to play again! I look forward to playing every week and its just another great opportunity BSU offers!


Turkey Break…Gobble-Gobble!!

November 24, 2011

Hello everyone!

So it has been a while since our last time together and it has been a while since we have had a peaceful break away from school work! But it is finally here! Yes my friends, the lovely Thanksgiving break is here!

Sometimes classes get stressful and overwhelming, so I won’t try and lie to you about that! But on the plus side, breaks give you time away from your school life and get to catch up on life with family and friends! Coming home for Thanksgiving gives you just enough time away from school to gain the fuel you need to finish the semester strong!

After break ends there are three more weeks until we take a winter break which means CONGRATULATIONS…you made it through the fall semester of college! Now I am only a freshman, so I am waiting for my big moment to know that I made it through my first semester and first set of finals!

On this break, take some time to relax, be with family and friends and remember that you are almost done! You have almost accomplished something huge in your life! Your first semester is always going to be a toughie because of all the transitions that you had to make! Relax and rejuvenate and remember to be prepared for a few more weeks of powering through schoolwork!

Have a fabulous break everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall in love with Fall

November 7, 2011

Hello friends!

So today I would like to reminisce on the super fun activities that happened the last couple of weeks for the fall season. In the past few weeks of this lovely fall season there have been activities galore! There are several fall fests that occur and throughout Halloween there are many activities that go along with it! My favorite of the Halloween fun was the trick or treating that went through my dorm! We had little kids come along all dressed up in costumes as we handed out candy to them down the hall. Also in my dorm we had a super fun Halloween party, fully equipped with costume contest, dancing and a haunted house!

All of these are grand ways to enjoy the fall in the dorm but there are also great things that go on all across campus! There was a phenomenal Halloween party put on in La Follette and other small ones in many other dorms. One of the most successful events was put on by the sorority Alpha Omicron Pi and their coordinating fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon. It was a rather frightening Haunted House, but all proceeds went to charity so it was a worthwhile scare!

All over campus there is something going on, but especially around homecoming and Halloween there are great events that will help you fall in love with the fall season!

Ball State Spirit

October 24, 2011

Hello All!!

Today I want to tell you about gettin’ your spirit on! On campus we have some pretty stellar bookstores where you can get great spirit wear! There is the Atrium Ball State Bookstore (http://bsu.bkstore.com) which is located basically in the center of campus. Right off of campus in The Village, there are two great bookstores, TIS and CBX that sell great spirit wear as well!

I have discovered in my few short months of being a BSU cardinal, buying spirit wear is fun, but making it is a blast! Now I am no art major by any means but my roommate and I have been getting quite crafty and original with our clothes! Making your own spirit is a fun and original way to show some pride in your school! Red and white tie dye, painted t-shirts and painted shoes are fun and funky and you’re guaranteed to never have the same outfit as someone else!

So by all means buy some spirit wear from the bookstores, but never be afraid to get original as well!

That’s all for now!

cHiRp ChIrP!!